Black Series

Matte black aluminium profiles
6 mm clear glass
Black varnished stainless steel walk-in shower arm
200 cm height
Luxury cleaning

A refined, elegant and minimal design characterizes Black Series shower enclosures line; the stylistic feature is represented by slim profiles in matt black varnished aluminium. The tempered glass, in compliance with the law, measures 6 mm; the height is 200 cm. The model offers sliding solutions, walk-in shower, pivot doors, to meet different structural and aesthetic needs of the bathroom area. All figures are adjustable in the wall profile of 1,5 cm. Sliding compositions include double wheels, to facilitate sliding, and are equipped with Easy Unfasten system, which allows the lower door release to simplify cleaning. All sliding devices are adjustable and perfected with a matte black finish. Pivot doors are supplied with a swivel opening system with a square shape, subtle but at the same time robust and functional. Modular walkin shower solution is available as standard with a black support arm, or can be combined with a black 4 ways shower panel, for a sophisticated shower zone and marked by a unique design. Handles are made of stainless steel in a matte black finish, in line with the contemporary look of the series. Thanks to a new cover system, all screws are concealed. Black Series comes standard with anti-limescale treatment included.