Aluminium profiles
6 mm clear glass
Aluminium fixed glass arm
200 cm height
Luxury cleaning

The Corsaro model stands out for being a hinged line with a pivot swivel profile, which rotates on a pivot instead of using hinges, making it possible to have a shower enclosure with a single door, without the external bulk of the same. Tempered 6 mm clear glass, 200 cm height, 1,5 cm of adjustment wall profile and stainless steel handle complete the product features. The series is available in recess pivot door, angular with two pivot sides or a side with fixed glass, completed with reduced seals and waterproof profile. The series is equipped with an “H” adjustment profile to extend the product adjustment from 3 to 5 cm. Luxury cleaning anti-scale treatment is supplied as standard, to facilitate the product cleaning and to preserve it from the limestone aggression.