Aluminium profiles
6 mm clear glass
200 cm height
Luxury cleaning

Domino reinforces the meaning of minimalism in the bathroom. The shower enclosure essential lines stand out thanks to the reduced profile, to the minimalist inside-outside handle in stainless steel, ant the sliding kit with cover. The product aesthetic declination focuses the attention on what matters, that is a simple and linear sliding shower enclosure. The clear and tempered glass, as required by law, measures 6 mm; the reference height of the product is 200 cm. Thanks to the adjustment of wall profile of 1,5 cm Domino can be installed in multiple sliding solutions, double sliding ones and with combination with fixed glass. All compositions are provided with soft magnetic seal and additional gasket in the side of the fixed glass (double waterproof seal). The series is supplied with two different “H” adjustment profiles from 3 to 5 cm, for sides or for sliding doors and fixed glasses, respectively. The series is equipped with Luxury cleaning treatment, to ensure grater ease in the product daily cleaning and to maintain the glass beauty.