Aluminium profiles
6 mm clear glass
195 cm height
Luxury cleaning

Helios sliding line refers to a contemporary shower idea, which combines design, functionality, simplicity and an accurate study to the smallest details. It is a design product thanks to the absence of lower profile, the important height of 195 cm and the 45°cut of the upper profile, for a pleasant visual experience. It is a functional model because it can be installed in several situations and versions, thanks to the adjustment of 2,5 cm wall profile and the availability of special adjustment profile from 3 to 5 cm. It is a shower enclosure easy to use due to the rapid unfasten system, which allows a simple product cleaning. The doors are equipped with an anti-shock magnetic closure, an additional seal on the side of fixed glass (double waterproof seal), an under door gasket and a drip tray profile to limit unpleasant water leaks. Finally, Helios is thought out down to the smallest detail starting from the polished aluminium profiles, the stainless steel handle, the reduced upper sliding wheels and the standard Luxury cleaning descaling treatment.