Venere 2.1

Aluminium profiles
6 mm clear and cloth glass
Altezza 195 cm

Venere 2.1 is the most complete and flexible solution in Weiss-Stern shower enclosure range. The several options allow you to create your own shower environment without compromising space, functionality or style. Available configurations include semi-round, square and rectangular shower enclosures, rectangular compositions with pre-assembled sides, single and double sliding door, pivot and bifold solutions and fixed matching glasses; the new “on demand” service in clear glass completes the selection. The line is characterized by bright aluminium profiles and by glass, tempered as required by law, in 6 mm1 195 cm of height; the available glass finishing is clear or cloth one. All compositions are provided soft magnetic seal and additional seal in the fixed glass side (double waterproof seal). All models are reversible and adjustable in the wall profile of 2,5 cm. Sliding compositions are provided with double wheels sliding system and moreover equipped with easy unfasten push button, adjustable and chrome finish improved; pivot shower enclosures are supplied with swivel hinge. A particular adjustable profile from 3 to 5 cm is provided to manage out-of-square situations and allow to adapt the model to preexisting walls.